United States:

Please visit FBI-Protecting your kids for information regarding keeping your children safe from online predators, how to report predators and more. 


You can also visit FBI Sex Offender Registry to search the National Sex Offender Registry.

If you are concerned for the welfare or safety of a child, yourself or another individual, please visit TIPS.FBI.GOV to file a report. The more information you are able to provide, the better. When reporting, you are able to provide URLs, screenshots and describe the issue.

Through the FBI Tips link provided, you are able to access reporting options for Internet Crime, Drug Enforcement, Homeland Security and Missing and Exploited Children.

If in Canada, please contact:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Interested in learning more about how you can help identify potential victims of sex trafficking? Please visit: Our Rescue and complete their free online training provided by Operation Underground Railroad.

For information on Trucking and Human Trafficking, please check out the guide provided by The Lanier Law Firm!

Trucking and Human Trafficking Guide

Check out the Federal Trade Commission's website for articles about online safety and protecting children on social media:

Protecting Kids Online-FTC Consumer Information

It is important to monitor your child's online activity as well as their activity on any cellular device they may have access to. The following links are for Apple and Android devices allowing parents to set up restrictions on their child's phone including requiring parental permission to allow the download of an app:



If you or someone else is in immediate danger, please call 911. 


Order a kit or create your own at home with information below.


You can make a child safety kit at home by purchasing Sterile Swabs from your local pharmacy or online to obtain a DNA sample. Use an unused Ziploc bag to store hair samples. You can order Fingerprint ID cards and ink on Amazon. Print form above to record information. Be sure to print a current picture of your child to keep with the identification information and update every 6-12 months.


Visit https://childidprogram.com/ to order a kit. These kits have been recommended by the FBI and a link to the article can be accessed HERE. There is a fee for each kit ordered so if you have multiple children, it may be more cost effective to make your own.

You can also contact your local Police Department as many offer free Child ID Safety kits.


There are multiple websites that claim they will send free Child Safety Kits. Some of these sites are linked to Globe Life Insurance Company. Globe Life is the parent company to the following:

American Income Life Insurance Company

Globe Life Insurance Company of New York

Globe Life Family Heritage Division

Globe Life Liberty National Division

National Income Life Insurance Company

United American Insurance Company

Globe life is using websites that offer Child Safety kits as a marketing ploy to sell life insurance. 

Websites known: www.childsafekit.com, www.childsafeidkit.com, www.mcgruffsafekit.com.

NEVER give your child's information to a stranger. The only time you should ever give this information is if your child goes missing and it should only be given to the proper authorities. Child Safety Kits are for you to KEEP in order to have information at the ready if ever needed.

Any individual or entity that claims to offer free kits and says they need to meet in person to deliver a kit or interview is a SCAM. DO NOT give them information.