About Odin is Watching

What is there to say about me? First and foremost, I am a mother. 

I am a mother that grew tired of the stories of children being taken advantage of in the most heinous ways imaginable. I am a mother that deleted her social media accounts because I could no longer stand to see the stories come across my newsfeeds. In August 2020, I joined Tik Tok and was absolutely disgusted by the amount of child predators and groomers that were freely active on the app with absolutely no repercussions from Tik Tok. 

If you've seen my Tik Tok content, then you know I do not tend to hold any punches. When dealing with soulless individuals that do not deserve to breathe the same air as our children, there should be no punches held. I am firm believer in removing offenders from society and ensuring that our children can be safe at all times. Obviously we can't trust that child predators will disappear on their own so it is our job as parents to force it. They are not welcome and never will be. 

I decided to create Odin is Watching to provide parents and members of society a hub of information that is needed when there is concern for safety. I was not able to locate a website that combined information across multiple levels of government to where we could have each resource in one place. One stop shop.

Why Odin?

In Norse Paganism, Odin is the Allfather and he has two ravens that fly Midgard, see everything and report back. While Odin is Watching is a message to those that wish to harm our children, it doubles as a message to those that need protection. Odin is Watching is a movement more than it is an individual. Every person involved in watching and protecting the vulnerable are ravens that have a critical role in helping. It is our job to ensure the children know we are doing our very best to protect them. It is our job to ensure the predators know we are doing everything we can to remove them and to protect the vulnerable from them.

I am a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child, therefore, it takes all of us to address and change the current climate and what we allow our children to be exposed to. That is where Operation Shield Wall comes in. Stand up for those that need it and create a wall between them and whomever they need protection from. If we want to see change, it will take every person that wants change to take a stand. When the question "If not me, than who?" is asked, your answer should always be "Me".